New Concept of Yoga !!!
Online yoga is totally new concept !!

Online yoga is totally new concept !!

AwardWinning Canadian Author Uses Internet Technology Combined with Yoga To Fight Childhood Obesity

Award Winning Canadian Author Uses Internet Technology Coupled with Yoga To Battle Childhood Weight problems

Jesse Williams Urges Parents To Make Use Of Technology Using Their Children To Win The Fight, Not Exacerbate The Issue

Toronto, Ontario Canada / September 15, 2011

Twitter: Using technology & yoga to battle weight problems in youngsters #Childhood Obesity world wide web.Children’s Yoga

Scientists during the last decade have shown that yoga has numerous health advantages, including reducing stress, anxiety, as well as helping with weight reduction. Research made by Alan Kristal in the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Dallas brought an effort including 15,500 healthy people. The study demonstrated that individuals individuals who practiced yoga, who have been overweight to begin with, lost about 5 pounds throughout the time, in comparison with individuals not practicing yoga who acquired 14 pounds. Award-winning author Jesse Williams is applying this understanding to assist fight childhood weight problems, while using very technology which has fascinated children and it has been an element of the problem.

Children’s Yoga Books announces the DVD in line with the award-winning book -Things I See, I’m Able To Be: A Led Yoga Flow For Kids- is starting on My Yoga On line’s streaming video when needed service on September 21, 2011.Restaurant marketing

Now busy parents might have an inexpensive, convenient, private children’s yoga class anytime, anywhere according to Jesse Williams’ award-winning storybook.

-We must use my way through our toolbox to battle the scourge of weight problems. Based on the Kaiser Family Foundation, our kids are packing almost 11 hrs of media consumption into 7  hrs each day, because of media mulch-tasking. That’s additional time compared to what they spend in class. This lack of exercise is causing damage to their own health and also the option would be so simple. We must enable them to eat better, and exercise. But we must allow parents, fun for the children as well as in a format they want-, states Canadian author Jesse Williams.

-Technology is part of our way of life, enjoy it or otherwise, but we are able to either relax and permit we’ve got the technology to become a threat for their health, or we are able to let the creativity flow and employ it to assist establish healthy habits. Orthodontic marketing When we regularly spend half an hour like a family carrying out a fun online yoga practice, I am certain that parents will discover a dramatic improvement in attention spans, sleeping designs, and mind-body awareness. Children who learn to are more conscious of their breath, body, mind and feelings, will lay the building blocks for more healthy ways to cope with stress, and will also be more able to creating more healthy eating and working out habits-, states Williams, who’s both a licensed Primary School Teacher along with a desired Children’s Yoga Instructor.

The My Yoga Online platform works for busy parents, who might not have the ability to drive kids to some yoga studio. The services are very simple to use and affordable, at under $10/month.

Based on Jesse Williams, -Parents and instructors let me know they need all of the support they are able to enter the fight against childhood weight problems. Keeping kids active and healthy is really a challenge because we want the courage, knowledge and also the will to select activities and meals that aren’t only great for our kids, but are great for us. We should lead by example and show how you can remain healthy in heart, mind, body, and soul. The good thing is that being healthy feels great, which feeds into more effective, positive options and activities.-